Why you need a recruitment firm for senior executive search?

Making a recruitment mistake on a strategic position can have disastrous consequences . In addition, successfully finding a qualified and efficient profile is often complicated and time-consuming. For budgetary reasons, one may be tempted to favor inexpensive options for recruiting, but when it comes to finding the rare pearl, it is risky not to call on professionals experienced in the exercise.

How do firms specializing in the recruitment of senior managers support companies that have key positions to fill? What are the advantages of using their services?

Specialized recruitment agency: what ambition?

Some recruiting firms specialize in the profiles of candidates for senior and executive positions. Their approach differs from that of traditional recruitment firms, both in their way of identifying potential candidates, but also in the close relationship they establish with companies:

  • They take the time to immerse themselves in the culture of the company, of all facets of the position to be filled, and to assess the talent pool internally, to ensure that the right profile for the position does exist. not already within the company.
  • These firms use advanced candidate assessment techniques and are renowned for their successful placements: the profiles hired become lasting assets for the company they have integrated.

Note : these firms usually work exclusively with companies, which guarantees the excellence of their service. They are remunerated in the form of a “retainer fee”, which will generally be higher than if we put several firms into competition on the same vacant position. The remuneration will then be directly linked to the hiring of the candidate presented.

Advantages of going through a firm specializing in the recruitment of senior managers

Using a specialized firm to find the right candidates for a strategic position has many advantages:

  • This gives you access to a very large network of high-quality profiles , which correspond to your target : this type of agency has access to a pool of talent in very varied fields and sectors of activity. They will surely find the candidate who will have the potential to shine in your vacant position.
  • Specialized recruitment firms have the expertise to quickly identify the right mix of skills and qualities for a candidate , whether it is an external or internal candidate. This is all the more important since a recruitment error in high-stakes positions can prove to be catastrophic.
  • Analyzing CVs and backgrounds is extremely time-consuming. It may be a time that you cannot afford to take internally and yet this step is crucial. Recruitment firms are used to evaluating candidates, they know what to look for and what to linger on when reading a CV or a career path.

  • Recruitment firms are also perfect for finding candidates for recently created positions , or who do not fall within the framework of the company’s usual expertise . They will be able to offer you profiles of innovative candidates, which you would not necessarily have thought of. This is the guarantee of successfully building teams with varied profiles, whose diversity will be an asset for the company.
  • This type of recruitment agency bases its performance indicators on the longevity and quality of the contribution of its talents , and not on the sole recruitment of one of the candidates it has presented to you. Recruiting through this type of expert is key to finding a recruit who will give you satisfaction over time.
  • Discretion is essential in this type of recruitment . Outsourcing recruitment is an assurance of confidentiality, as well as of neutrality throughout the procedure.
  • Being accompanied by a specialized recruitment firm is finally a great way to give yourself a relevant overview of the potential of talents already present within the company, any gaps, and the options available to you to fill. these deficiencies.

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