Top 6 reasons why employees quit jobs

What actually caused employees to leave their last employer? These are the 6 most common reasons.

1. A toxic atmosphere in the workplace

No one can work in a toxic work environment. Such a situation can push an employee to find an adequate solution as quickly as possible. In particular, a bad relationship with his boss or a colleague could encourage him to file his resignation .

2. No recognition

Many employees today suffer from a lack of recognition . However, recognition at work reduces the appearance of stress and increases the feeling of belonging within the company. When an employee does not feel recognized or feels useless, in the long term he will not hesitate to resign.

3. An overly demanding boss

Some employers have the habit of making employees work under pressure. With the aim of improving productivity: a big mistake. When stress begins to affect employee behavior, nothing goes well. For the latter, the best solution will be resignation, hoping to find a job with more digestible conditions.

4. Lack of opportunities

Employees need to plan for the long term within the company. if the manager does not have a clear vision, or if he cannot motivate his teams based on clear and common objectives, employees risk losing their motivation and leaving the company.

5. The instability of the company

Employees aspire to a stable and long-term job. As soon as they feel threatened by a possible reduction in staff, they do not hesitate to apply to other companies. It is important to reassure the teams and to be transparent because the unspoken are often a source of stress and above all of interpretation.

6. More money

One of the most obvious reason to quit a job is that employee needs more money. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, If you are struggling to survive in the current salary and can’t make ends meet then you need to find a new job for higher salary. Before start searching for a new job you should find out how much you’re worth in the job market, It helps you to take a good decision.

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