The role of HR in the company

Companies do not all conceive of human resources management in the same way, which influences the role assigned to personnel managers within the company and in the context of the interviews they conduct.

The three main roles of the HR department in the company are:

1. HRM “Human Resource Management” strategy

Human resources are considered to be the strategic partner of line managers. The staff is no longer (only) viewed as a cost factor but as an important component of the success of the business. Staff management is therefore of strategic importance in the same way as the size of the company, the market share, the technological level of the products, cost control, etc. The company that manages qualified personnel has an advantage over the competition. Thus, for example, job security, commitment (attachment, loyalty), sufficient salary level, targeted career development and leadership can prove to be competitive advantages. Integrating the company’s strategy into the HRM strategy therefore becomes a necessity.

2. HR management process: “HR-Systems Provider”

Traditional role of HR: definition, maintenance and improvement of professional procedures and instruments for recruitment , development , evaluation , compensation and promotion Staff. HR determines, for example, the personnel selection process from the required profile until the initiation of the employees and agrees with line managers of the respective role of the hierarchical superiors and collaborators in the process global. They support direct superiors by providing job description models, required profiles, interview guidelines, etc. and either support individual selection phases or take charge of them in their entirety (eg preselection, reference searches, etc.). Likewise, for the staff appraisal process, human resources develop the appropriate process, schedule and instruments.

3. Partnership cooperation and human resources administration

As the global services for all HR processes such as personnel marketing, personnel selection, remuneration, etc. The following tasks are part of the administration field: information missions such as management of personnel files and statistics, processing of staff movements (entries and exits), etc., keeping of accounts such as pay slips and statement with social insurance, reporting missions such as the end of a trial period, information to social insurance as well as control tasks in the event of illness, recording of working time, control leave, etc. 

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