How to eliminate stress at work once and for all?

Stress is an integral part of the daily life of many employees. Discover the techniques to control your anxiety, maximize your productivity and achieve a better work-life balance.

Take care

When you are having a very bad job stress, the first step to getting better is to learn to say no : you are overwhelmed with work, your to-do list and your mailbox are always full?

  • You have to say stop and set limits. Without a clear signal from you, your hierarchy will not necessarily suspect that you are exhausted.
  • Do you tend to not count your hours? It’s time to ease off and stick to your contractual hours. No matter what time you leave the office, your work will never be finished. Learn to take care of yourself by leaving earlier, to benefit from a longer daily personal time.

Adopt healthy leisure activities

Even if you love your job, devoting yourself to it 100% is not healthy. It is important to develop interests that have nothing to do, to change your ideas, promote your creativity, relax, etc. By turning to healthy hobbies like yoga or Pilates for example, you will also be able to reduce your muscular tensions, which will have a direct impact on your stress level. Doing an activity you love is a great way to end your days on a positive note, and gives you the opportunity to regain control.

Relearn how to breathe

This may seem incongruous, but when you are stressed, you “forget” to breathe properly: it is not uncommon to be short of breath, or to have hyperventilation attacks. It’s a bit of a vicious circle since very often these breathing disorders make the initial stress state worse. To avoid this, as soon as you feel the stress mounting, concentrate on taking long breaths. You can also take short breaks during the day, where you focus only on your breathing. It is a very effective tip to help your body relax.

Take breaks

Forget the sandwich in front of your screen. Even if you only have a short time: get out! Whether it is to join colleagues, friends, or even alone, not being in the company, even for less than an hour, will be very beneficial. After this real cut, you will attack in the afternoon with the batteries recharged.


When we are anxious, we can tend to go over and over again in the head the things that worry us. Take back control by formulating in writing all the points that concern you. Then draw up a list of potential solutions and choose one as the objective to achieve. The next time you stress out on a specific problem, focus on the goal you set for yourself, rather than the problem.

Go to meditation

Meditation requires you to slow down, take the time, disconnect and focus your mind on something other than work. It is therefore a great way to reduce stress. Try to start your work day with a few minutes of meditation or, if it’s too complicated, take the time to do it just before sleep, for better quality sleep. The benefits of meditation are rich and long-lasting.

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