6 Tips for your telephone interview

Do not underestimate the exercise of the telephone interview.

At first glance, telephone maintenance seems more affordable than physical maintenance. We say it is easier to improvise. However, it is not. “ This interview is formidable. The recruiter will be more comfortable taking notes and will be less distracted than during a face-to-face interview.   

1. Prepare the telephone interview

As for a physical interview, you cannot wait for the call of a recruiter without having informed yourself a minimum about the company. So spend some time on his website. ” You must distill during the interview at least two to three key elements about the company, which marked you, as its values and their adequacy with your profile, which will demonstrate your analytical capacity. Otherwise, your application will be penalized, Also prepare answers to questions that recruiters may ask you.

2. Plan the most “professional” place in your home

No question of doing an interview on the street, in the supermarket or in the living room sitting on a sofa, don’t be in a relaxing environment, If the recruiter surprises you on the call time, it is best to offer to contact you a little later. Then choose a quiet place in your home.

3. Wait for the phone call a few minutes early

The interview was scheduled for 3:00 p.m. Be near your phone 15 minutes before just in case. Take advantage of this quiet time to focus on what you are going to say.

4. Stay 100% available during the entire interview

You have to be completely available during the interview. Avoid at all costs having a computer in front of your eyes or a television screen nearby which could disturb you. The recruiter immediately senses when the caller is distant.

5. Be clear in your words

The recruiter will focus only on your speech and the factual elements that you will highlight. Even more than during a physical interview, “ you have to be clear and structured. Be quick and precise in your answers.

6. Ask the recruiter questions during your telephone interview

Don’t just answer recruiters’ questions. Do not hesitate to take the lead by asking two, three questions about the job and the company. The recruiter must feel that the candidate has worked on his job interview.

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