5 Common Sales Hiring Mistakes.

Mistake # 1: skipping soft skills

Soft skills, as opposed to hard skills, refer to all of the candidate’s interpersonal skills and interpersonal skills. It can be his ability to lead a team, to communicate effectively or to work in perfect symbiosis with his collaborators.

However, these soft skills are particularly important when you recruit a salesperson for your company. They will allow him to easily integrate into the team already in place, but also to seduce and persuade new customers with greater ease.

When recruiting a salesperson, don’t just study their professional skills. Also examine his reactions, his way of standing and communicating, his ability to adapt to your questions. These elements will prove to be particularly important in front of customers.

Mistake 2: favor training over experience

A diploma always reassures. It attests to the professional training and theoretical knowledge of a candidate. It also makes it possible to selectively select from all the applications received: a commercial course at a prestigious university or school can be a real asset when recruiting.

However, the missions of the sales forces are not theoretical. Above all, your salesperson must be a man in the field : his experience must therefore be one of the priority recruitment criteria, and come before his training.

Mistake # 3: favoring form over content

When an entrepreneur hires a salesperson, two worlds meet: that of the manager and that of the sales force. Communication can therefore be complex, and lead you to pay attention to details rather than the most important recruitment criteria .

The way your candidates present themselves during the interviews is important, it is undeniable. A good salesperson must always make a good impression: it is an imperative to attract new prospects and conquer new market shares.

However, his knowledge of your industry will play an equally important role with your customers. A favorable first impression makes it possible to initiate contact; but it is the knowledge of the products and / or services of your company that allows you to make sales. Don’t be (only) impressed by a good presentation!

Mistake # 4: not trusting your first impression

While some entrepreneurs favor the good presentation of their candidates to their knowledge of the market, others make the opposite mistake. However, favoring technical skills over the presentation of your salespeople can also play a lot of tricks for you.

Imagine that one of your candidates shows up for the job interview late, in a sloppy outfit.

Although his knowledge of the sector is impeccable and his CV has certain advantages for your organization, a bad first impression must always be a red flag during your recruitments.

This is particularly true when you are recruiting a salesperson : this will be the face of your business. He must therefore seduce clients the second he meets them, in the same way that he must convince you from the first seconds of the job interview.

Mistake # 5: conducting a classic job interview

The missions of a salesperson are not “classic”, and their job interview should not be either. Why ?

Most interviews start with the CV and cover letter review, followed by a series of questions asked by the recruiter. This method can be effective in recruiting a number of profiles, but it will be quite counterproductive when you recruit a salesperson.

Your company’s sales forces are in direct contact with its customers. By asking simple questions to your candidates, you can only assess their theoretical knowledge. A scenario, however, will enlighten you on how they approach a specific situation or a business issue. Be creative to test your candidates and recruit the best salesperson !

As you can see, most of these errors are linked to a lack of knowledge of the recruitment sector. An efficient hiring process must be the subject of reflection: recruitment experts can then take over from entrepreneurs to help them refine their strategy.

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